Replaceable grafting blades for grafting

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Made in Italy

Replaceable grafting blades for GRAFTING TOOL

The clamp is very durable because it has a steel core and glass-filled nylon body, the only thing that will wear out over time is the blade, being interchangeable, can be purchased after purchase basis.

Replaceable grafting blade for Grafting Tool.

When grafting, creating a clean cut is imperative. That is why the grafting tool features a replaceable blade. All blades on the tool are made from hardened steel for increased strength and durability - but like any tool, with extensive use they will eventually lose their edge. When this happens, replacements can be bought.

Both the trimming and grafting blades are made from hardened steel. This means they will stay sharp for longer as well as resisting chipping and deformation. The blades have been hard-chrome treated which gives them better resistance to rusting.

The blades for V-Notch and Omega Grafting are suitable for 3T GRAFTING TOOL and for COMPLEMENTARY MANUAL GRAFTING

The T-Bud Grafting Blade is only for 3T GRAFTING TOOL