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Support wire and containment for vineyards

The wire from support NYOFIL is processed with the latest generation of numerical control machines constantly guaranteeing the diameter and the tension in every step during processing.

The wire black Nyofil not affected by UV rays

Also available in white color.

The packaging is in comfortable coils of KG 10 or in hanks in cardboard boxes always by KG 10.

- Breaking load The wire NYOFIL is suitable to support strong weights to the entire length of the rows.
- Tension NYOFIL loosens little as one is bent so does not require subsequent tesature, which often happens when using low-quality wires.
- Resistance to external action, or chemical-mechanical
NYOFIL is resistant to chemical and mechanical caused by the numerous chemicals used during seasonal treatments and resistant to mechanical shock and vibration due to the use of machinery to shake.

• To contain "soft" of seedlings as they grow

• As support in the rows of vines

• In the conveyor belts of machines Spray tanning industry

• How to run in the realization of electric probes due to its flexibility and mechanical strength to traction