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Tapener Machine

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"MAX" Ht-B Tapener Machine

MAX Ht-B Tapener Machine


The Tapener machine is an excellent tool for binding plants or vegetables to stakes or twine.
One squeeze on the handle staples the tape to itself & cuts it
Another squeeze, & the tape is pulled open for the next binding.
Much faster than twist ties or clips.

1. Labour saving, it can bind 3-4 times more plant than by hand in a unit time.
2. Time saving: it cost less time, so when farmers busy with the planting,we can have more time to do the other things like sprinkle. And we can also increase the plant area because of it’s high efficiency.
3. Binding machine is only 0.5 kg, very convenient to take.
4. Cost recovery very fast. One binding machine can save 3 labour, if 1 labour cost 30-40 RMB /day, so one day, you can almost cover the cost  back.

Use between plant clips to hold your
tomatoes & cucumbers next to the twine.

Videos demonstration: