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Last updated 05/21/2015


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Visiting, you take note and accept the procedures in this Informative Privacy.


Any personal information provided or collected through the operations you place on will be treated by Multistore Zanotti Zanotti Elio, as autonomous holders of data processing, based in Voghera (PV), Via Pietro Falciola, 21.

The personal information we receive from our customers allow us to enhance and customize our website to facilitate their purchases. We use the personal data of customers to handle orders, deliver products and services and promotional offers, update our records and to show customers more personalized content through the use of cookies (desktop version of GrandeVale).

We use the personal data also to improve our online store, to prevent or detect fraud or abuse and to allow third parties to carry out technical, logistical activities and other on our own (for example to permit the payment order).


Personal data provided by the customer:

GrandeVale receives and stores any information you enter on our website or that you provide in any other way (cookies) You may choose not to provide the data, but in this case you may not be able to avail of our services. We use the information you provide to optimize your needs and requirements, customize our suggestions and our communications to you.


Personal data that is collected automatically:

GrandeVale receives and stores some data with cookies when your browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) accesses or advertisements and other content with reference to on other websites. Click here to get more information about these types of cookies (desktop version of GrandeVale).


Mobile Devices:

When you download and use applications created by GrandeVale and when when you have requested or consented to the use of the location function on your mobile device, we may receive information about your geographic location and your mobile device, including a unique identifier for your device. This information may be used by us to provide location-based services such as search results and other custom content. You can disable location services in most mobile devices Click here to learn how to turn off location services (desktop version of GrandeVale).


By e-mail communication:

The email you receive will be sent to notify you of the orders you have previously made. We do not send e-mail for commercial and advertising purposes, unless expressly requested by the recipient.

Personal data received from other sources:

We may receive your personal data and your e-mail from other sources and add them to the information related to your account, such as social networks (Facebook) and our ads placed on



Cookies are designed to be recognized by our computer systems your device to be able to provide more functionality on our site (Read more here)


Personal data transferred to third parties:

The personal data you enter are not and will not be disclosed to third parties. GrandeVale of Multistore Zanotti acts in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy and to all the rules providing similar protections to those described on this page.


Third party service providers:

GrandeVale uses other individuals undertakings to carry out activities to fulfill orders "Santu Secure Ordering", Santu Pty. Ltd. ,, Deliver packages (via express courier service: GLS - Bartolini - SDA), send regular mail (by post Italian) and email (, phone calls and send SMS (cell.:345326444, TIM operator), using messaging and calls via WhatsApp (WhatsApp Inc.) and Skype (Microsoft Srl) remove manage the list of customers, analyzing data, providing marketing assistance, providing search results and links (including paid listings and links), make payments by credit card and provide services to customers. All suppliers have third parties and will only have the essential information needed to perform to accomplish their tasks. We assure you that our suppliers may not use your personal data entered by us for other purposes and are equally required to process personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy and, under the laws applicable to the protection of personal data


Promotional offers:

All Our promotional offers are managed by Mutistore Zanotti Zanotti Elio, your personal information is protected by us and not by third parties.


Your consent:

Before inserting your personal information to purchase the products you have selected, you will need to consent to the information of the processing of personal data. Unless you consent you will not post your personal information necessary for us to send you the products you have chosen.

Every time that personal data are transferred to this company, we will ensure that data is transferred in accordance with this Privacy Policy and according to what is stated by the current legislation on data protection in the disclosure of data to third parties as indicated above.

Safety guarantee of your personal information:

The security of your personal information on and other companies selected by us are and will always be protected.

Your personal information is protected while sending by us and "Santu Secure Ordering", Santu Pty. Ltd., which encrypts the information you enter.

For payment by credit card, PayPal, Post Pay, ATM (and any other payment method other than cash and bank transfer), is sent to PayPal, Inc., protecting all information that is disclosed and will send for the payment of products you have chosen and ordered from our online store


Of your data protection by computing devices:

For maximum protection of your terminal adopts protections against unauthorized access to your password and your computing devices.

The browser settings deletes all the navigation data from the history if you use a shared terminal by other users.


Advertisers and links to other web sites: may display third party advertisements and links to other websites. All information relating to third party advertisements on including interest-based advertising or find them in the Cookie page and advertise on the Internet (desktop version of GrandeVale). GrandeVale uses YouTube videos, LLC to make you demonstrate use some of our products visionandoli from videos and channels (Facebook).


To what data you can access:

By you can access your personal data for registration on the online store This list will change depending on updates and changes to our web.


What options you have available:

To purchase necessary to enter personal data, in order to proceed you must click on the icon of the handle to be able to select the check mark to consent to the processing of personal data, otherwise we can not proceed to place the products you want from

Also in order to register to GrandeVale you must consent to the recording and the inclusion of personal data.

You can add or update certain information also in the future. When you update information, however, we keep a copy of the prior version for our records.

From your browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) You can change your cookie settings by: Content Settings in the Privacy section in the Settings folder. We GrandeVale recommend that you leave them turned on to be able to browse our online store as well take full advantage of all our functions. For example if you block or reject our cookies you can not add items to our Shopping Cart, proceed to Checkout, or use any product or service GrandeVale.


Registration for GrandeVale:

GrandeVale you can sign up by entering your personal data, by doing so you can buy the products you choose, and receive discount coupons in periods with promotional sales.

You can choose to permanently delete your account at any time, by writing an e-mail request:


Minors may not buy from GrandeVale:

Minors are not permitted to purchase products via can be viewed by minors only under the supervision of a parent or guardian.


Information and revisions:

If you still have doubts Disclosure of Privacy write us an e-mail

Our activities are constantly changing depending on our needs and the needs of our customers, therefore, also the Privacy Policy and Conditions of use and sale will be subject to change. We suggest that you check our web site to check for changes. The current Privacy Policy applies to all personal data we have about you and your account, unless otherwise stated. However we will not change substantially our policies and our procedures. In the event that there will be substantial changes, when you agree or not to the required process.


Examples of personal data collected:

Personal data provided by you:

The majority of personal data is provided by you when you search, send a request for order of our products, please send us e-mails, please contact us by phone and we can write a text message. Please also provide personal information when you: look for a product, you place an order through, or enter your shipping information by our third party service, you sign up to our site and when you add the products chosen to ' "favorite list", uses other personal services such as the notification of availability notifications for delivery. The information you provide are: name - surname - tax code (and VAT number) - address - phone number - e-mail and any shipping information if the person who receives the package is not the person carrying out the order of purchase. For payment you will need to add the data to the credit card.


Data collected automatically:

Collect and analyse data such as the Internet Protocol (IP) address used to connect to the Internet on your terminal (to know the statistics of the geographical area of ​​our customers), login, e-mail address, login password, information on computer and connection information such as browser type and version, and settings related to the time zone, types and versions of plug-in "browser, operating system and platform, all with Analitics Google, Google Inc., on the other hand the data of the order history are sometimes compared with information collected from all customers, with the aim to be able to offer useful products and offer other new products. We will track the full URL path (Uniform Resource Locators) (including date and time), the cookie numbers, products you've viewed or searched, and any phone number you used to contact us. We may also use browser data such as cookies, Flash cookies (also known as Flash Local Shared Objects), or similar nature of data collected through certain parts of our site web to prevent fraud, and for other purposes. We also use software tools such as JavaScript to measure and collect session information, including page load time, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, information interaction with the pages (scrolling, clicks and cursor movement on the pages) and methods used to exit the page. GrandeVale is also able to proceed to the collection of technical information to identify the device used for the purposes of prevention and diagnostic.


Mobile Devices:

Mobile devices give users the option to disable location services. For information on the various devices click here (desktop version of GrandeVale).

If you have concerns or questions about how to turn off location services on your device, we recommend that you contact your mobile operator or manufacturer of your device.


Personal information collected from other sources:

We receive from other sources also data: date information on delivery and address from our carriers or other third parties (that we use to make changes, update our records of orders placed by customers and daters to optimize deliveries), data account, information about orders or returns and on pages visited by some traders with whom we manage certain operations in co-branding or to which we provide technical service, deployment, or advertising of our products listings ( ), data on research of terms and results collected after research conducted in the web search engines you selected (Google, Bing, etc.)

We connected our online store with online store, also of Multistore Zanotti Zanotti properties of helium.


Data that you can access:

You can log on to personally identifiable information (name - E-mail - passwords - category) to the Shopping Cart, setting payment, the type of payment.